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Posted by: Tracey

Customer service comprises of many, sometimes small & insignificant relationship interactions between the business, the customer and the public. Each interaction is a powerful positive or negative public relations statement.

The Competitive Advantage

Getting ahead of the competition is the most important business advantage you can achieve.  The product or service you deliver is no longer enough, it’s the whole package of the positive experience in doing business that makes the difference in the mind of the customer.

Yes customer focus, vision and excellence are meaningless ‘buzz words’ unless they are seriously integrated into the day-to-day business thinking and activities to survive in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Customer Perceptions & Expectations

This program promotes every interaction between staff, the customer and the public, creates powerful perceptions and lasting impressions about the business.  Each interaction will be positive or negative depending on the knowledge, attitudes and skills each staff member brings to the discussion.

Everyone throughout the business has potential impact on the customers.  All need to understand how their communications and attitudes affect others and how to positively enhance their impact.

The “Why to, How to and Want to” of the Service Delivery

The program addresses not only the “why to” of customer service but also the “how to” and “want to”, to build staff confidence and self-esteem.  The outcomes will maximise service impact and awareness of the real value of the customer for business development.

Ideas and Concepts to Use Immediately

This practical 'service excellence' program will develop ideas and concepts to build confidence and poise in managing customer interactions with immediate application to the Australian market place. The outcomes will enhance customer interactions and the result will be reflected in higher levels of client satisfaction.

Targeted Program Options

This program has flexibility to address the issues of all areas of business, industry and commerce with specialised targeted application for small business through to corporate clients.


Changing Customer Perception and Expectations

How customer demands, expectations and perceptions are changing and why business needs to understand and address the new customer profile.

Raising the Bar: Service is Everyone’s Business

People at every level have impact on external and internal customers.  They either directly service an external customer or indirectly provide service to someone who does interact with the external customer.

Causes of Customer Dissatisfaction

How customers may perceive their issues through their own perspective and in a different light to us.   The program identifies the common causes of dissatisfaction with practical ideas to reach mutual understanding.

Obstacles to Quality Service

Workshop culture and unwritten ground rules are very influential in service delivery. How to recognise the key challenges that may arise in team development to create positive attitudes for personal and professional success.

Interpersonal Influence Skills

The program delivers key, practical, principals and concepts of influence through empathy, assertiveness and emotional intelligence to create a confident and professional approach to all customer interactions.

Managing Complaints & Difficult Behaviour

Learn how to maintain poise and confidence when coping with difficult customer behaviour and complaints.  Develop techniques to use positive influence skills to keep cool and manage the interaction effectively to retain dignity with confidence.

Managing the Phone & Emails Effectively

Telephone impressions are powerful and lasting.  The program provides a checklist for phone effectiveness with practical ideas for positive projection and how to diffuse complications that can arise.

Self-Esteem, Attitudes & Beliefs

The session develops key ideas on how self-esteem and personal confidence are needed to manage customer interactions.  How the impact of workgroup culture, personal attitudes and beliefs interact and influence how we respond to others

Presented by Brian Greedy

Brian is one of Australia’s leading professional speakers in business development.

Each year he delivers over 150 speeches, seminars and workshops for clients in all states, NZ and the UK.

He draws from over 20 years grassroots business experience in management, marketing and sales, including the development of highly successful food distribution business from start up to a multi-million dollar turnover.

An engaging and inspiring presenter with a pragmatic “how to” approach in communicating his knowledge makes him one of Australia’s most sought after conference and seminar speakers.

Date:         4th August 2015
Time:         9.30am to 12.30pm
Venue:      WA Business Assist, 45 Delawney Street, Balcatta
Price:         $165.00 includes presentation, workbook & morning tea.

* $20.00 credit towards any future workshop